Travel Tips for the Deaf and Mute

A well-planned trip can go awry at any time due to miscommunication. While travel issues can easily arise even when a traveler believes that he or she has taken care of every aspect of the trip, these issues may be a bigger challenge to those who have inherent communication problems due to speech and/or hearing impairment. However, do not let the daunting travel stories of deaf and mute people discourage you.You can plan a dream holiday alone or with your near and dear ones simply by planning a few months in advance and keeping a few important pointers in mind. Most of the travel tips for deaf and mute provided in this article are just common sense. To begin with, you need to decide about your travel destination. You can choose to go to any place you wish to visit and enjoy a memorable holiday experience as long as you plan it well.Selecting the hotelOnce you have picked a location for your travel, you need to make your hotel reservations. This requires doing your homework well. You need to find the top disabled-friendly hotels in the place of your visit and check the list of facilities and services that they offer for the physically challenged. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that was passed in 1990, hotel accessibility should comprise a number of facilities fordeaf and mute guests as well. These include visual alert devices for various in-room amenities such as telephones, alarm clocks, and fire alarms.Since hearing impairment is an invisible disability, you need to tell people about it to make them aware of the same. You need to do the same while booking a room in a hotel. You should mail the hotel manager, intimating him or her about your disability and requesting him or her to provide you detailed information about the special facilities available such as TDD units and closed-caption televisions in the room.It is highly recommended that you choose to stay in a room on the ground floor, so that you can get out quickly in case of an emergency. In addition to that, you should ask the manager about the check in and checkout times at the time of making a booking and request the manager to mail you the booking confirmation code on your email id. In addition to that, you can request the manager for any special assistance that you may require during your stay in the hotel.Flight tickets and traveling arrangementsIt is extremely important that you inform the flight reservation person about your hearing impairment at the time of booking your tickets. This way he or she can arrange for a person who knows sign language in case those services are required any time during security check or boarding the flight. Most top airlines offer TDD service that allows deaf and mute passengers to communicate with others via text messages that they type on a keyboard. Keep these tips in mind while planning a vacation.

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California Interest Only Home Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans generally come with a repayment term of 15 to 30 years. However, mortgage loans can also be extended to a term of 40 to 50 years for young individuals who are unable to pay high monthly installments. Many mortgage loan providers have come up with a variety of flexible payment options to encourage buyers to invest in real estate. In California, there are mortgage loan providers that offer interest-only home mortgage loans. This form of loans is gaining immense popularity in upscale housing markets.Many homeowners are unable to pay high monthly installments in the first few years after purchasing a home. Homeowners opting for interest-only mortgage loans, pay only for the interest of the loan in the initial period. As a result, the monthly installments are very low. Mortgage interest, which is applied on the principal amount, is governed by various factors such as term of the mortgage, type and location of the property and credit rating of the borrowers.Interest-only loan providers generally offer these loans for a period of three to ten years. These loans are also popular among homeowners with poor paying habits. Homeowners who are expecting an increase in their income in future also opt for this loan. Many homeowners who lack a steady form of income can also benefit from this type of loan.It is important to verify other forms of loans provided by mortgage companies as the homeowners pay only the interest, keeping the principal loan amount intact. Over the years, homeowners end up paying a huge amount of interest as compared to other traditional loans. Many financial experts consider this loan as a high-risk loan as homeowners may end up paying much more for a house than its actual price in case property prices go down.Homeowners generally procure interest only loans in combination with a mortgage insurance as California is prone to earth quakes. It is advisable to consult with a good financial expert to weigh the pros and cons associated with interest-only home mortgage loans in California.

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6 Rules That Decide Mortgage Loans

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